Croatian Metrology Society hosted the 2nd transnational meeting of the partners in the Leonardo da Vinci project Enhancing Hospital Laboratory Standards for CPD: A Quality Improvement Toolkit. The meeting was held in Zagreb from 17th to 19th March 2014. Representatives of the five partner organisations: UK, Malta, Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia met to discuss project developments and find agreement on the definition of the European quality standards and criteria for accreditation and evaluation of local hospital CPD activities, which is the second objective of the Project. 

Monday, March 17

The theme for the first day of the Meeting was: Project Status and its internal evaluation. The idea was to initiate an open discussion to find out:

  • Do the Partners have uniform understanding of their role and specific tasks in the Project?
  • Were they faced any problems or threats that could compromise the project?
  • Status of dissemination - planned and unplanned
  • Existence of any specific requirements given by national agency

Dr. Jan Martin, the Project co-ordinator, gave an Introduction on Project Summary and Perceived Outcomes. She pointed out that a significant proportion of a biomedical scientist’s CPD activities, within all partner countries, are not carried out by participation in formal courses. Rather, they are delivered locally within the hospital setting. As such, EU hospital laboratories are life-long learning CPD education providers but there is currently no system in place for quality assurance of their CPD provision. The Project goal is to change this by developing an EU-Toolkit and a Community of Practice. EU-Toolkit would have five separate sections with each of the Partner countries taking the lead for preparation of one of the sections.

Tuesday, March 18

The theme of the day was European quality standards and criteria for accreditation and evaluation for local hospital CPD activities, the future second section of the Project’s Toolkit. Every partner country was asked to prepare a presentation containing:
  • Recognition of quality assurance requirements (requirement + reference) for CPD 
  • mandatory and statutory documents in their country related to hospital CPD activities
  • standards (ISO 15189, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001...)
  • internal documents of QMS in the organization
Partners were also asked to give individual contribution to the accomplishment of the second objective of the Project, based on their own experience and knowledge. 
Group works and round table in the afternoon

In the afternoon, three working groups were created with the task to find out the quality standards for developing quality CPD activities. It was concluded that these findings shall be the elements of the second section of the Toolkit. 

Wednesday, March 19

The third day of the Meeting was dedicated to the visits to the Croatian Metrology Society and to the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine in Merkur University Hospital. During the visit to  the Croatian Metrology Society  Višnja Gašljević presented their training activities and quality measures they apply to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in training. The hospital tour was led by Dr. Zlata Flegar Meštrić, Head of Department of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Merkur University Hospital, accredited according  to the International Standard ISO 15189 standard in the field of clinical chemistry, laboratory hematology and coagulation, laboratory immunology - cell immunophenotyping and molecular diagnosis. The aim of the tour was to present the organization and management of an accredited laboratory through the monitoring and supervision of all laboratory processes which end as international test result acceptance based on the concept of metrological traceability in laboratory medicine what is most important in the field of transplantation laboratory medicine.

Participants of the Second Transnational meeting in front of the meeting venue: Hotel Central in Zagreb and in front of the Merkur University Hospital