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Preanalytical phase CPD Exercise

Preanalytical phase CPD Exercise

The aim of this Partnership project is to share and develop good practice in continuing professional development for biomedical scientists and from this to collaboratively develop an EU-toolkit for delivery of high quality continuing professional development activities provided by European hospital laboratories.

In order to achieve this goal the partner countries are sharing best practice to learn about the different approaches to CPD that are used in the EU.

Patient Safety and Lab Errors - Journal Based Learning



Click here for the Czech version of this CPD activity.


This CPD content is being designed by the Malta Team and it will focus on Laboratory Errors and Patient Safety. It will take the form of a journal based CPD session which you do on your own at your convenience followed by a discussion.

How to carry participate in this CPD – Errors in Laboratory Medicine – Practical Lessons to Improve Patient Safety

Click on here to access the PDF file that contains the 12 questions about the journal that you will need to read to participate in this CPD.  Click on the link below to access the journal article that you need to read: Please do not distribute the pdf for copyright reasons

Read the paper carefully and answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper. These answers should be done at home, before the actual discussion session itself. These CPD activities are not obligatory or meant as an examination of any sort. However, we need to ensure that the CPD is being done in the way it’s meant to be or it would defy the scope of all the work being done. Hence you will be asked for these answers BEFORE the discussion session starts and if you do not have the answers ready, you will not be allowed to participate in the CPD session.

REMEMBER to bring your answers to the set questions for the discussion session

Priručnik i primjeri aktivnosti KPR-a


Cilj je ovoga Priručnika pomoći stručnjacima laboratorijske medicine da razviju kvalitetne aktivnosti kontinuiranoga profesionalnog razvoja (KPR) u europskim bolničkim laboratorijima. Priručnik se sastoji od četiri poglavlja:

Poglavlje 1: Prepoznavanje glavnih značajka dobrih praksa usporedbom pristupa KPR-u u organizacijama i zemljama partnera

Poglavlje 2: Europski standardi kvalitete i kriteriji za akreditaciju i ocjenjivanje lokalnih bolničkih KPR aktivnosti

Poglavlje 3: Okvir za uključivanje reflektivnih praksi u KPR aktivnosti

Poglavlje 4: Smjernice za upravljanje i organizaciju kvalitetnih mogućnosti KPR-a za europske bolničke laboratorije

Primjeri aktivnosti KPR-a

Partneri su izradili primjere aktivnosti KPR-a (Vježbe) za bolničke laboratorije koji će se ponuditi novo uspostavljenoj zajednici organizatora KPR-a.

Obrazac za reflekciju